Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day… Admit it, who doesn’t feel all warm and fuzzy when their significant other surprises them with roses and chocolates or romantic candle lit dinner, when you’ve told him a hundred times that Valentine’s Day is overrated and he need not buy those over priced roses and chocolates. 

valentines day roses

I personally love Valentine’s Day! Not because of the hype around it, or the extra expensive roses, chocolates and couples meals but because I can tell my little family how much I love them a million times more without it getting annoying-haha! Love is not measured by expensive gifts and glamorous restaurants. You can show your love and appreciation in many ways plus, it will always be the small things that make a difference in your relationship.

One way that I can show just how much I love and appreciate my husband would be to cook an entire three course meal for the two of us, and that’s exactly what I am going to. There is no need to pay exorbitant prices for a meal that is most probably going to disappoint you. I generally don’t do any of the cooking at home – yes I found a keeper 😉 He makes sure I’m fed and healthy Monday to Sunday, fifty-two weeks of the year! So I know that my Valentines meal for the two of us will mean more to him than any expensive aftershave. 

Our Romantic Valentines Dinner Menu

Starter – something simple yet delicious and refreshing

Tomato, mozzarella and basil salad with a balsamic reduction dressing

Main – who doesn’t love a bit of Lady and the Tramp style… This prawn pasta is just a little bit more indulgent, creamy prawn tagliatelle 

Dessert – death by chocolate cupcakes. Because every meal deserves to end off with a bit of decadence right.

valentines day cupcakes
valentines day cupcakes
valentines day cupcakes

Because the baking part is my favourite part of cooking our Valentines meal, I thought I would share my recipe. It is quick and easy with very little fuss… 


1x packet of cupcake mix (yes I use ready mix because who has time these days to whip things up from scratch. I do however buy my ready mixes from a reputable cake shop)

1x packet of chocolate mousse (this is my secret icing)


Follow the directions on your cupcake mix. Bake them and allow them to cool down completely.

Follow the instructions on the chocolate mousse mix. I always like to refrigerate mine after whipping just to ensure it holds its shape once piped onto the cupcakes. 

Once your cupcakes are cool, pipe or spoon your chocolate mousse on your cupcakes and decorate them with pretty Valentine’s Day sweets. 

The fact that your cupcake icing is chocolate mousse and not butter cream will make these cupcakes the best you have ever made and eaten… I promise!! 

I hope my romantic dinner for two has inspired you to do something special for your significant other, it doesn’t have to be tonight on Valentine’s Day…. 

valentines day

Thank you for reading

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