Our Gender Reveal Party

The moment we found out I was pregnant, my husband and I knew we wanted to throw a party to reveal the gender of our nugget as something we would remember for the rest of our lives. You can never relive that moment. It’s a moment filled with excitement, anxiety and every other emotion you can possibly feel in the space of a second or two. 

gender reveal scan

Agreed, gender reveal parties are not for everyone. You may opt for just you and your hubby to be in the room when your gyne tells you or you may opt for an intimate gender reveal celebration with just close family. For us, our gender reveal party meant we could include our closest friends and family in a moment we will cherish forever. It was our way of letting them all know we love them and appreciate them being in our lives. 

Because we live in Zambia and most of our friends and family are in South Africa, our gender reveal party meant we could have a celebration which could include our nearest and dearest. And what a special day it was! Our nugget is also the first grandchild on both our sides so of course it had to be one hundred percent perfect. 

Here are some tips to help you plan your perfect gender reveal party…

How to reveal

Decide how you want to do the big reveal. Be it a white coated cake that is blue or pink on the inside, pop a balloon filled with pink or blue confetti or open a box that bursts out pink or blue smoke. This must be something that’s special to you and your hubby because you will never forget this moment. My hubby is seriously golf obsessed so we decided on exploding golf balls. Let me tell you, they are awesome! 

gender reveal party
gender reveal party

Food is always a big thing at parties and the hardest thing is to decide what to serve your guests. Do you want a more formal canapé style or a casual grab what you want style? We went with a casual theme so we decided on burgers and chips. They went down like a treat! We also had tons of pink and blue sweets as pre snacks which kind of went hand in hand with the decor of the party.

gender reveal party
gender reveal party

Do you want subtle with touches of pink and blue or do you want everything pink and blue?

We wanted over the top pink and blue everything! Literally everything was pink and blue, plastic cups, paper straws, buckets for the sweets, candles, cocktail forks, all the sweets were pink and blue. Pink and blue lanterns, balloons and paper fans all hanging from the ceilings and pinned on the wall. It was over the top but it looked fabulous and just what we wanted. 

gender reveal party
gender reveal party
gender reveal party
gender reveal party


Decide on an overall theme of your gender reveal party. Is it going to be a fun relaxed party or more of a structured get together. Whatever you decide remember it’s your party after all. We went with a fun relaxed vibe and we wanted our friends and family to dress up what they thought our nugget will be. Team Boy or Team Girl. Everyone went all out for us and we all had a good laugh which is what the purpose of our gender reveal was. I had a strong feeling our nugget was a girl – I have no idea why – so I dressed up as a unicorn. Hubby could not decide and went back and forth constantly so in the end we decided to get him a sperm outfit! Yes a sperm. And it was hilarious!

gender reveal party
gender reveal party

Your gyne can usually give you a definitive answer between eighteen and twenty weeks in your pregnancy. So decide around that when you want to have your gender reveal party. I was twenty-two weeks simply because of the timing and arranging our travel and hubby’s work schedule. Once you have a date set you can design your own invitation really easily using Canva. I love this website! It is easy to use and you can create just about anything. 

gender reveal party invitation
Gifts or No Gifts

This is always a tricky one. I personally do not like stating gifts on an invitation. However with the cost of baby goodies these days it is totally acceptable to state you would like a gender neutral gift. We opted to leave it off the invitation and if anyone wanted to buy a gift they simply asked my mom what to get. We got totally spoilt! I didn’t know opening presents for your unborn child could be so exciting. 

gender reveal party

However you decide to celebrate your gender reveal is totally up to you. It is a personal decision between you and your hubby. But, whatever you decide to do make sure it is memorable because you will never get that feeling of utter happiness and excitement of being told what you’re having again. There truly is nothing like it. 

Ps: We’re having a GIRL 😉 

Thank you for reading.

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