Coping with morning sickness

In that moment when you first find out you’re pregnant, there is nothing that can take your happiness away. It really is the most amazing feeling knowing that you’re going to become parents with the person you love the most in the world. 

And then the reality of being pregnant sets in…. 

Not everyone suffers from morning sickness, and everyone copes differently with it too. I was really ill and could not get out of bed some days. I would open my eyes first thing in the morning and instantly feel nauseous beyond belief. It would last all day until I lay back down to go to bed at night. It was extremely difficult to be happy and excited about what my body is now going to go through when all I wanted to do was sleep all day and all night in the hope I would feel even just a tiny bit better. Despite feeling absolutely horrible I did keep reminding myself that it is a good sign and a sign of a healthy pregnancy, to the point where if I had a good day I would wonder if everything was still ok because I had not felt sick that day. Of course the best way and the only way to check that everyone is on track and going well is to have a scan with your gyne! 

With that being said, there are many morning sickness ‘helps’. There is no cure or preventative these things simply help alleviate the intense feeling of sickness so you can hopefully get on with your daily tasks. Some I tried but some I didn’t simply because being out in Zambia my resources are very limited! But if one of my suggestions can help just one mum to be feel better, that makes me one very happy mum to be too. 

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Remedies I tried

  • Lemon and Ginger tea- lemon and ginger tea has a multitude of benefits for the general person but when you are preggers this can be a relief from your dreaded morning sickness. I gave it a try and it did help to a certain extent. The key is to drink it regularly if you can stomach it. 
  • It is said that you should keep your stomach full. This helps prevent those little gremlins rearing up, however when you are feeling sick the thought of eating as soon as you wake up is just as nauseating. I found that not being hungry did help with feeling sick but you have to find that one ‘thing’ you can stomach eating to help make you feel better. A lot of recommendations are to eat dry crackers. I couldn’t stomach a dry cracker so I would at least spread some butter on them or some pasteurised cream cheese. I lived on this for about two months! 
  • As difficult as it is you do have to stay hydrated! Water is extremely important. I couldn’t stomach it plain at times so I added strawberries and blueberries to give me a bit of a flavour. I really enjoyed this. 
  • I soon realised that it is in fact ok to go back to bed when I am feeling sick and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it either. You have to remember you are growing a tiny human in your belly, you’re bound to feel tired. 
  • I don’t cook at the best of times, I have an amazing husband who does it all. But during my first trimester I couldn’t even stomach the thought of anything being cooked let alone be near the kitchen. It is ok to ask for help if you are struggling with something! If you can avoid cooking it can help tremendously. 
  • Even though you are feeling exhausted and constantly nauseous, a bit of fresh air doesn’t hurt. Get out and about and go for a stroll in the park or a walk along the beach. In fact it can make you feel better and take your mind off the way you actually feel. My husband and I enjoyed many walks around the block. I also enjoyed playing with Zara our rottie and three bunnies. 
  • If you can stomach the taste of Gaviscon, I did find it helped settle my stomach and made my queasiness subside a little. Gaviscon is safe to take during pregnancy but always check with your trusted Dr before you take anything at all. 
  • Sucking on a sweet or a piece of ice, strange as it sounds can offer some relief too. Again I am not sure if it is the fact that your brain is concentrating on what you are doing or what it is. But sucking sweets certainly helped me. 

Other remedies on offer:

There are over the counter and store bought remedies you can try as well as a prescription from your Dr if your morning sickness is out of control. It is important to speak to your Dr and let her know to what extent you are experiencing it! 

  • You can purchase what they call a sea-band. It is said to provide relief from morning sickness by using acupressure. I would have definitely tried them if I had easy access to them! 
Sea Band
  • Mama morning rescue tea is a blend of tea to help settle your tummy during any stage of your pregnancy. Again I would have tried it if I could have bought it easily. I just opted to make my own root ginger tea instead. 
morning sickness tea
aromatherapy oil
  • There are also a wide range of sucking sweets you can buy made from various ingredients like ginger to help soothe your morning sickness, however I did find that any regular sucking sweet did the same thing.  Mama morning rescue tea is a blend of tea to help settle your tummy during any stage of your pregnancy. Again I would have tried it if I could have bought it easily. I just opted to make my own root ginger tea instead. 
morning sickness sucking sweets

When it comes to old wives tales and reading magazine upon magazine about morning sickness relief, If I could get it here in Zambia I tried it! I was desperate to find something that worked. With that being said nothing helped 100% the above remedies only soothed my morning sickness for a short while. Remember every pregnancy is different and you will learn very quickly what you can stomach and what you can’t. What works for one mum to be may have the total opposite effect on another. 

Having past my 12 weeks and first trimester, I sure am looking forward to feeling better, hopefully regain some energy and to learn what trimester two is all about, and I will certainly share my journey! 

Thank you for reading

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