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Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel

Since having baby Gia, my skin has been in terrible condition. Dry and flaky like I’ve never experienced before! So when Bio Oil asked me to try out their new Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel I was over the moon with excitement.

 Bio Oil is a brand I am extremely familiar with and a brand I love! Throughout my pregnancy I used Bio Oil to keep my growing belly moisturised and stretch mark free. When it comes to Bio Oil, less is always more. This is particularly the case with the Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel. There is no need to apply copious amounts in order to keep your skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated. A small dollop does the trick. 

In my gift pack I received a tub of the Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel plus an awesome water bottle because hydrating your skin works from the inside too. You can apply all the cream you want to your skin but if it lacks hydration from inside, it shows on the outside. I absolutely love drinking infused water. I love creating different flavours to sip all day long! So this water bottle is going to come in handy. With summer almost in full swing, it’s important to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Hydration from the inside and hydration from the outside, your skin will be beach ready in no time! 

A city lifestyle is not always the healthiest and my skin is my bodies way of showing how unhappy it is. Add postpartum into the mix and it’s a near disaster when it comes to the health and well-being of my skin. Most creams on the market promise to hydrate and restore your skin, but unfortunately I have not come across one that actually works. Until now of course…. 

Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel promises to restore your dry skin and offer long lasting moisturisation. And that it did! I am totally in love with their new product. I prefer to use it at night, after a hot bubble bath to end off my day. My skin feels immensely soft and hydrated in the morning, ready for it to tackle the new days sun, wind, pollution and stresses and activities. 

If you suffer from intense dry skin, I highly recommend Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel. You won’t regret it. 

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