About Me


Hi, I'm Stacey. I am a stay-at-home mom to my two gorgeous dogs Oscar and Zara and my three beautiful bunnies Charlotte, Duke and Peaches. They inspire every aspect of my life!

My human companion is pretty special too, he supports everything I do or try to do-ahhh... together we make a great team! Four years ago we took the leap and moved to a different country, leaving behind friends and family. It was tough but by far the best decision we ever made.

It was my new stay-at-home status that inspired me to start my other blog Stylish Paws. It is related to everything pets, mine of course. I am extremely proud of it and its success. It was Stylish Paws' success that made me decide to create my own personal Lifestyle Blog, and thus Legs of a Flamingo was born...

Meet my inspiration

Without these babies I would be lost.



Chief Treat Taster and Snuggle Bug

Such a legend at 14 years old! We have shared many special moments together including our big move.



Super Model and Assistant Treat Taster

Happy girls are the prettiest girls- Zara sure is one very happy and pretty girl!


Charlotte, Duke and Peaches

Chaos Causers

Not only are these three adorable, but they bring so much happy chaos into our home. Zara adores them and watches over them like the big sister she is!